Android finally gets Opera Mini 5!

10 Mar

Opera Mini

We have known Opera Mini to be a great cross-platform browser for a few years now, so were really puzzled as to why the version in the Android Market was stuck at the rather ancient 4.2 (which was not really Android-friendly) while all other OSes were getting Opera Mini 5 beta. Well, the wait is finally over and Opera Mini 5 beta has just sailed into the Android Market literally a few minutes ago. At about 600 KB, it is not too hefty a download and praise the lord, this time seems tailormade for Android, unlike its predecessor, which used to open an entire blank window whenever you needed to key in just a URL.

We have played with Opera Mini 5 for a few hours on our HTC Hero and well, if it seems a tad sluggish, we would advise you to change its Protocol from “socket” to “HTTP” to really get it flying. It is blazingly fast and while multi-touch does not seem to be supported, the option to sync bookmarks with your desktop via Opera Link and also to speed dial Websites are just brilliant. We also love the way the browser lets you shuffle tabs in the lower part of the screen. Best of all, the browser is extremely icon-driven and is tailormade for touchscreens. Android finally has a quick browser. Download away! 

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