Volkswagen releases free fuel-saving game on App Store

5 Mar

Think Blue Challenge

After totting up more than a million downloads on its Polo Challenge car racing game, Volkswagen is back in the App Store. And this time, the Big V is in fuel-saving mode (coincidentally, just around the time for the Geneva Auto Salon). According to the press release that landed in our mailboxes,  “The Volkswagen Think Blue Challenge is the first racing game for iPhone and iPod touch in which it is not the best times, but efficient driving and maximum range are rewarded. Those who rack up the most kilometres with the least fuel will climb to the top of the highscore list.” And the game is free too, just showing that saving fuel pays, while costing nothing!

About time someone thought about fuel conservation, say we, although we must confess that we did suffer the odd speed pang when we realised that it was mileage rather than miles per hour that mattered. Anyway, gamers will be getting quiz questions between individual stages, with correct answers getting them an additional tank bonus. Current range records can be seen online in the high score table, and in keeping with the social networking frenzy, users will be able to upload their personal best scores to the Facebook fan page for Volkswagen eGames.  There are also Twitter, Facebook and and e-mail buttons in the game for those in brag mode!

As far as product plugging goes, the game come with an integrated search function that will take players to a nearby Volkswagen dealer and can request a product brochure or a test drive. e displayed along the course to provide players extra motivation to beat the others. “FISHLABS has implemented the concept of fuel economy not only creatively, but also in an entertaining fashion,” said Cornelia Lenz, CRM and Internet marketing/eGames from Volkswagen, on the new cooperation with the Hamburg-based studio. “It shows that fuel economy can also be virtual fun.”

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