Gresso launches Grand Monaco collection, limited edition phones for ladies

5 Mar

Gresso, a Swiss manufacturer of luxury mobile phones has introduced its limited collection of ‘Gresso Grand Monaco’ phones for ladies. Other than Grand Monaco, the company is also known for its ‘Avantgarde’ collection of phones (combination of high-tech and delicate handwork provided with WinMo 5.0) and ‘Individual’ range of phones (strictly made-to order).


This limited edition Grand Monaco collection has got all what it takes to woo a lady. The device’s casing is furnished by Titanium alloy coated with layers of ceramics to give that glossy finish and shine. The display of the handheld is covered with hand-polished sapphire crystal glass frame. It boasts a scratch-proof keyboard surface with keys made of steel. Technical features of the device include a VGA camera, support for WAP, GPRS, Bluetooth, SMS, MMS, e-mails, EDGE, Java and a personal organiser.


And most importantly, alligator skin has also been used to stylise this phone. What? PETA are you listening? Price of the phone – $2,800.

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