Docs to Go update for iPhone to add Google Docs support!

3 Mar

Docs to Go

A very reliable source has told us that the next version of the popular mobile office suite, Documents to Go, will come with support for Google Docs. Now, we do not exactly know what this will entail (downloading? Editing?Uploading?) but it definitely is a tad ironical that the iPhone version of the suite has got Google Docs support before the Android one. Other details of the  suite that have percolated are the ability to freeze rows and columns in spreadsheets and support for multiple e-mail accounts in the premium version. All this in addition to standard features like the ability to view, edit and create MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel files; the ability to view files in Adobe PDF, Apple iWork and other formats; and the ability to send and receive Microsoft Exchange E-mail or Gmail attachments. We, however, are really interested in the Google Docs option, truth be told, as that would be bringing the cloud’s favourite office suite to the Godphone. 

Those who use the basic version will also have the option to upgrade to upgrade to the premium version from within the app itself. And ah, as for the prices, we hear the premium version will be US$ 14.99, while the basic one will be five dollars cheaper. Of course, all current owners will get free upgrades.
As to when this upgrade will hit the App Store, well, we are not too sure, but it is likely to be in the very (and we mean VERY) near future. We are poised to download, folks!

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