Two-faced MID transforms into a translator, gives augmented reality a new twist

8 Feb

We are taking this one with a huge rock of salt but it is simply too irresistable to pass off. Mobile Review, which has access to a Vodafone presentation that re-confirmed the LG GD880, also gleaned off this interesting MID that supposedly goes by the name of Vodafone 360 Krystal.

What’s so special? Well, to begin with, it has two displays, the one on the back being of the e-Ink variety. But that’s not all, it also apparently acts as a scanner and as you can see in the picture on the left, it can scan the page of a magazine in another language, translate it into English and display the translated version on the main screen!

Now for that real-time scanning to happen, the whole back display will also have to be a camera of sorts to be able to scan the surface. And that, our dear readers, sets us scampering for the biggest rock of salt we can find.

Reportedly, there are some sort of widgets for the display on the back and it also does some sort of augmented reality while navigating. Just sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

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