Now check your mails without a GPRS connection on Tata Indicom and Tata DoCoMo

3 Feb

Bygone is the time when mails were read and composed on high-end devices through GPRS or Wi-Fi connections. Tata Teleservices has launched a new service called ‘Push 4 All Mail’ which eliminates the need to subscribe to GPRS plans for operating mail accounts. The service is available for both Tata DoCoMo and Tata Indicom users. It allows people with basic phones or no GPRS connectivity to check their mails anytime they want via SMS.


‘Push 4 All Mail’ service enables users to access their Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo accounts on any device through SMS. The service runs three accounts simultaneously. Users can compose, reply, forward, delete and filter emails.


To subscribe to this service:

Tata Indicom users need to send:      “optin <email id> <password>” to 582829

Tata DoCoMo users need to send:    “optin <email id> <password>” to 52206

Monthly Charges:                               Rs 15

Cost per SMS:                                   50 paise

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