Apple's tablet finally shows its face?

27 Jan

Close on the heels of yesterday’s ‘accidental’ leak that Apple will indeed announce a tablet device today, Engadget now claims what seemingly looks like the real deal to us too.

So here’s the claim: The Apple Tablet (or whatever it may be called) has a 10-inch display (with multi-touch, of course). What you see here is Google Maps (or is it Apple’s own navigation application that looks similar) running in an iPhone Safari-like browser that seems to support traditional tabbed browsing with tabs on the top of the screen.

And there’s more! The tipster claims it has a MacBook-like Aluminium back casing and will be launched on Verizon for $800 at subsidised rate and $1,000 unsubsidised for 3G connectivity. If that’s the case then in all probability, there will be a GSM version as well for Europe and other countries where CDMA networks do not work.

Then there is the iPhone-like home button on the bottom of the display, which lends support to the claims that the Tablet will run on an OS based on the iPhone. The mysterious tipster also claims of a front-facing camera on the top of the display. Interesting, very! Well, we just have to wait for another eight hours or so to see all pieces of this massive jigsaw puzzle fitting in…

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