Wanna lose TouchFLO on HTC Hero? Try SlideScreen

26 Jan


The Net has been abuzz about SlideScreen, the app that replaces the homescreen of your Android device with stacks of information varying from the temperature to the latest mails in your account, your RSS feeds and the lord alone knows what else. While tinkering with the app (which we like heaps, incidentally), we discovered that it had a hidden string to its bow – it could help us get the conventional Android screen on our HTC Hero. 

That may not sound like a big deal to many people, but the fact is that many lovers of the “classic Android look” (basically three screens dotted with apps and widgets with minimum fizz) have struggled to get it on their jazzy Sense TouchFLO laden HTC Heros – we have nothing against Sense, really, but some people love simplicity more than razzmatazz. Well, SlideScreen makes it awfully simple. Just install the app and then hit the Home button. You will see three options pop-up: Home, SlideScreen and TouchFLO. To get the conventional Android look, just select Home. Yes, it is actually that simple and you can always go back to TouchFLO or SlideScreen when you wish – they are just a press of the Home button away. Thankee, fellas. We always like having lots of choices!

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