Indian nominees at MWC Global Mobile Awards: VNL

26 Jan

Another Indian company that stands chance to win a Global Mobile Award is Vihaan Networks Ltd (VNL), which has been nominated for two awards – â€˜Green Mobile Award for Best Green Programme’ and ‘Best Network Technology Advance’ for VNL’s WorldGSM base-station. 


WorldGSM is the world’s first solar powered GSM system specifically designed for remote rural areas. The system is cost effective, doesn’t pose environmental threats, works completely on solar energy, is easily installable in just six hours by two or three unskilled people and the equipment is light and sturdy enough to be transported in bullock carts.


VNL found the need to develop this system because the traditional (handle-with-care) GSM equipment could not be transported to village areas and deployment was equally difficult with poor roads, no electricity and lack of trained engineers. According to VNL, mobile networks in India require two billion litres of diesel every year to power back-up diesel generators.


This solar powered GSM system saves operating costs and has also proven to be quite profitable for mobile operators because of its unique advantages. WorldGSM is working efficiently in India, South America and is also commercially available throughout the world.

We’ll be back with more information on other Indian companies being nominated for their unique contribution. 

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