Confirmed: Apple to launch Tablet device tomorrow

26 Jan

Okay, we had resisted writing about Apple’s ‘mythical’ tablet device and the zillions of rumours/speculations surrounding it for over two months. For those of you living under a rock or just returned from a marooned island, Apple is holding a press event tomorrow and all rumours point towards a Internet Tablet device with a 10-inch or so display that will run on a tweaked version of the iPhone OS.

So what makes us bite the bait and pen a few words about it? An official confirmation of sorts, though not directly from the horse’s mouth. Apparently about an hour or so ago, the CEO of McGraw Hill was on air on CNBC discussing the company’s quarterly results when he blurted out that Apple will indeed announce an Internet tablet device tomorrow and McGraw Hill’s publications will be available on it! Not just that, he has also confirmed that the device will run on an OS based on the iPhone OS and apps will be trasferable.

What do we make from all of this? Well, it looks like a planned ‘leak’ to us with Steve Jobs probably blessing the CEO to talk about the device. After all, no one, leave aside the CEO of a big company, goes on air on CNBC and accidentally speaks out. Absolutely not in detail. And would Apple mind its shares hitting the roof 24 hours before the announcement? HELL NO!

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