Indian nominees at MWC Global Mobile Awards: Ossian Agro Automation

25 Jan

Carrying on from where we left, another Indian company which is nominated for the ‘Best Use of Mobile for Social & Economic Development’ category at the MWC Global Mobile Awards is Ossian Agro Automation for its remote-control based irrigation system, Nano Ganesh.


Ossian Agro Automation is a Pune-based company that has been working in the field of rural automation for 14 years. The Nano Ganesh project is a GSM-mobile based remote-control system exclusively for use with water pump-sets in agriculture areas.

This application allows farmers to operate their irrigation motor-pumps directly from any remote area. In this project, a phone is attached to the motor pump and whenever a farmer makes call on that number, the attached phone vibrates and the motor starts. The same procedure is followed when the motor-pump has to be switched off.


With the help of Nano Ganesh Mobile Modem:


  • A farmer can control the pumps from any distance.
  • He can check an availability of power supply at the pump end.
  • He can acknowledge the on / off status of the water pump.
  • In some models, a farmer gets an alert call if there is a theft attempt of the cable or pump.

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