Seven upcoming HTC Android phones leaked!

21 Jan

Seems like our favourite handset vendor with a tag line ‘quietly brilliant’ is failing to keep quiet!

Following up on our earlier scoop of the QWERTY keypad equipped version of the HTC Magic, today we have some ‘official’ info on seven more upcoming Android phones from HTC.

Yeah, you read it right, SEVEN of them! Like earlier, the info has been made official via the user agent profile of the phones, which suggest that HTC is working on a complete portfolio of Android smartphones across all price points.

HTC Espresso: QWERTY keyboard, 320×480 pixel display

HTC Huangshan: No physical keyboard, 320×480 pixel display

HTC Liberty: No physical keyboard, 320×480 pixel display

HTC Halo: QWERTY keyboard version of the Tattoo

HTC Paradise: QWERTY keyboard, 240×400 pixel display

HTC Legend: No physical keyboard, 320×480 pixel display

HTC Supersonic: No physical keyboard, 480×800 pixel display

We have no word on the launch details of these phones, but we can expect a few of them to make an appearance in Barcelona next month at the Mobile World Congress. Stay tuned!

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  1. Arnoud January 22, 2010 at 8:09 am #

    I know it;s your core business to reveal things like this, but you should know these profiles can’t be taken seriously at HTC. Some information is incorrect (like specifications about keyboard or chipset), other is missing and most of the times these devices never materialize. Profile from Halo has been onlin for at least since september (that’s when I spotted it first, at least). I think seven out of seven of these profiles were copy/pasted from other devices with different names (some of them released, like SuperSonic/Passion/Nexus One)

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