Nokia shows off upcoming Symbian OS user interface

15 Jan

Nokia has admitted time and again that it needs to do more with the Symbian OS to make it more relevant to competing OSes like Apple’s iPhone OS, Google’s Android and even Palm’s webOS. Today, via the Symbian Foundation, Nokia has shown what it intends to do with the ageing OS.

Called S^4, this version of the OS is expected to come on devices in 2011 and will be preceded by S^3, which we should see sometime this year (we expect some device announcements in February). What’s interesting to note is how Nokia has picked up the best elements from Android, iPhone and webOS and incorporated them to S^4. We can see a notification panel (a la Android), the elimination of the exit menu (a la webOS) that would also mean better memory utilisation and a better layout for displaying installed apps (a la iPhone).

While it ain’t original, we appreciate the fact that the world’s largest handset vendor is humble enough to appreciate what others have got right and imbibe it into their own OS. Mind you, this is just an initial proposal and we expect things to get even better as the time to launch gets closer. You can read the proposal here.

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