Nokia patches up E72

12 Jan

Nokia E72

Users of Nokia’s BlackBerry killer, the E72, need to tighten their seat belts and get ready for a hefty download as the company has released a firmware update for the device. The update will take the device to v22.007. As there is no changelog available, we cannot really say what changes are in store, but sources tell us that the update quashes a number of bugs and as usual, improves performance and battery life. At 160 MB plus, the update is a bit on the heavier side, and just like the recent N97 update, is not available over the air (OTA, for those who love their abbreviations). So you will need to fire up Nokia Software Update on your PC and download and install the update on your devices. Backing up of data is, of course, advised. 


The E72 might be the crown jewel of Nokia’s E Series, but it has been bogged by stories of bugs. Most notably, users have complained about being unable to use the spacebar after they have used the torch (both are controlled by the same button – a longer press activates the torch). There was also some surprise at geotagging not being included. Let’s see if the update fixes these issues. We will let you know the moment we find out more. 

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