WinMo 7 won't be evolutionary: Microsoft

11 Jan

If CES disaponted you (like us) with nary a peep outta Microsoft about its Windows Mobile 7 platform, breath easy. At least that’s what Robbie Bach, Microsoft’s president of entertainment and devices division told the investor community last week. When confronted with a frank question that went something like – sup with your mobile OS, fellas? We are worried… – this is what Bach had to say:

I don’t think we have some specific challenge outside of the fact that our experience is very skewed towards business users, and it’s not as modern as it needs to be.  And I’ll just be as straightforward as that.”

Nope he didn’t stop there. So, the challenge for us as we come into 2010 and we are going to have some new things that will talk about at Mobile World Congress, as we come into that, the first bar people should look at is to say, wow, are they doing a great job with the product.  And when you look at the product, I’m sort of like, I have the luxury of having seen it, to be able to look at it and played with it a little bit, but I’m certainly confident people are going to see it as something that’s differentiated and something that really does move the bar forward, not in an evolutionary way from where we are today, but it’s something that feels, looks, acts and performs completely different.”

Windows Mobile has certainly become a big challenge for Microsoft as it is losing ground (and losing it fast) against a formidable competition from Apple and Google. And we won’t be surprised if upcoming platforms like Samsung’s Bada add to its woes. Microsoft’s latest attempt – Windows Mobile 6.5 – hasn’t impressed many. Though we reckon that given the right hardware like HTC’s HD2 and even Acer’s neoTouch S200 Windows Mobile 6.5 doesn’t do that bad. But not many users can afford such high-end devices and that’s the biggest challenge for Microsoft. How can it ensure that users get the best experience irrespective of the hardware.

We’ll find the answer as early as next month and we sure are awaiting with abated breath and hope Microsoft will be able to blow us over. Or is that asking for too much?

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