Tata Docomo launches Docomics, offers Manga and Marvel comics to its subscribers

8 Jan

Tata Docomo has world popular comics – Manga and Marvel, to offer to its subscribers this season. Tata Teleservices Limited has partnered with the Japanese Telecom giant NTT DoCoMo to launch Docomics in India. Docomics is a comic viewer application which is a continuation to Tata DoCoMo’s recently launched m-Comics service, wherein customers can read full comic books along with special effects like character vibration, sounds and zooming text bubbles.

Docomics will provide a wide variety of comic books ranging from popular Marvel titles like Spider-Man, X-Men, Civil War and various Japanese Manga titles like Geobreeders, Tamahagane, Aqua Planet Chronicle, Silent Mobius complete edition, Shinesman and Old Friend, to name a few.


The content of the comic books can be downloaded from the WAP website or through the application. To suscribe to Docomics, Tata DoCoMo subscribers will be charged Rs 15 per comic chapter and there would be no data charges in home network.

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