Motorola officially announces Backflip, has one crazy design

7 Jan

We were the first ones to tell you that this baby will be called Backflip way back in November and Motorola has officially announced its third Android smartphone with the same name. Why the name, you ask? Well unlike normal smartphones with QWERTY keyboards, this one has a crazy design.
Believe it or not, but in closed position, the keyboard is on the back of the phone. Think of it as an inside-out Nokia E90 Communicator. But instead of the small screen, this one actually has a trackpad on the back of the big touchscreen. Yup, you are expected to use the trackpad to scroll on the screen. Why would you want to do that, we don’t know. But we are sure that Motorola has something more hidden over there.

On the specs front, you are looking at Android OS (hopefully 2.1 at the time of launch) with Moto’s Blur UI, a 5.0 MP camera, a 3.1 inch display and basically the same specs as Dext with a different industrial design.

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