Google's Nexus One name doesn't amuse family of the creator of Nexus character

16 Dec

Whoops! Even before Google could make the Nexus One official, it is already attracting controversies.

We have been following up on the Nexus One rather fanatically and pondering how Google would play its cards, that we totally forgot about the original Nexus Cyborgs – one that was created by author Philip K Dick in his novel Do Androids Deam of Electric Sheep and also used in the movie Blade Runner, which was based on the novel.

NYT reports that Google didn’t bother to discuss using the name Nexus One with the family of the author (he’d created Nexus 6, the cyborgs the bounty hunter was supposed to track down) and they ain’t too pleased.

Google cannot deny the existence of Nexus One or the fact that it is associated with the product as it has already filed a trademark application with the United States Patents and Trademark Office.

It still has a chance – all they need to do is to talk to Isa Dick Hackett, the daughter of Philip K Dick. We are sure things can work out between the two.

After all, Google hasn’t found the ‘evil room’, yet! Or has it?

via NYT

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