Motorola MB501 gets identified as a GSM, 3G version of Zeppelin

15 Dec

When Motorola said it was working on a slew of Android smartphones, it meant serious business. Today, we have the details of yet another Motorola Android smartphone – the MB501 aka Zeppelin. There have been lots of rumors about the Zeppelin in the blogosphere that claim it to be a CDMA+GSM world phone. If this authentic Motorola UA Profile is to be believed, the Zeppelin is a GSM, WCDMA phone!

At the moment, the MB501 runs on Android 1.5, which we’d expect to be updated to Android 2.1 on its way to retail stores. It also states that it has a QWERTY keypad, which doesn’t really gel with the Zeppelin that is making its debut in China as the XT800 (pictured below).

Other details from the UA Prof indicates a 320×480 pixel display and probably a 2.0 MP camera (we have seen cameras getting bumped up at a later stage, so it may eventually get a better one). All these certainly doesn’t go with the Zeppelin launched in China that has a 5.0 MP camera and an HDMI slot.

So what’s going on over here? We’d like to believe that Motorola has three variants of the Zeppelin – one for the Chinese market, another for the American market with CDMA and a third for the European and other Asian markets with GSM and WCDMA. But that doesn’t really tell us anything about the QWERTY keypad that the MB501 claims to have. Well, the plot just keeps getting thicker, doesn’t it?

Zeppelin image courtesy: Mobile Review

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