Samsung's 'bada' announcement: key points

8 Dec

Samsung has issued a press release mere 15 minutes before the actual press conference in London where the Korean electronics giant will unveil its Bada platform for the first time. While we wait for the event to begin, here are some key takeaways from today’s announcement.

Samsung bada is a driving force in accomplishing Samsung’s vision of a ‘smartphone for everyone.’ To achieve this vision, Samsung bada offers a feature-rich platform for enhanced mobile experiences for consumers, and a complete mobile ecosystem through a developer support program that both the application store and consumers will benefit from.

As we have reported earlier, Bada will work on Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. Applications developed using the SDK will have access to sensor APIs as well as native apps capability of calling the adress book, sending text messages or making phone calls. It is the first time that a non-smartphone platform will, to an extent, imitate smartphone features.

Current Bada development partners include micro blogging service Twitter, movies and games rental outlet Blockbuster, Video and iconic games developers CAPCOM, EA Mobile, and Gameloft.

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