Samsung to unveil Bada OS in a couple of hours, already has game developers, social networks and a major media company roped in

8 Dec

Samsung is all set to unveil to the world its very own Bada OS, which it had announced earlier in November this year. Samsung claims it is going to be a complete smartphone operating system, but many journalists (including yours truly) believe that it is going to have more to do with Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface and how Samsung would like to have more apps to run on cheaper feature phones than an all together new smartphone OS in an already cluttered space.

We’d know for sure what the fuss is all about in less than a couple of hours from now. BTW, This is what Samsung is claiming to showcase at the press event:

Let us give you a taste of our distinguished list of attendees: major game companies, one of the most popular SNS companies, and a powerful media company. The representative directors and VPs of each company are planning to share their experiences with bada and to showcase their products based on bada.

Along with the partner presentations, details of bada platform and highlights of the key features will be introduced by a principal engineer from bada development team. The strategy of devices, application store and partnerships & alliances will also be announced.

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