Google makes search on the go fun with voice, location and sight

8 Dec

Google today announced some new ways in which users can search for information on their mobile phones. While we already could dial a number to search, talk to Google’s voice search app on smartphones or do it the normal way by going online, Google today has taken things many a leap ahead.

First comes voice search – Google has introduced voice search support for Japanese after English and Mandarin. Now we ain’t really kicked up about that but rather what Google is trying to do. The guys at Googleplex are trying to evolve voice search into a voice translator. One day you will be able to find out how to say “How you doin’?” in multiple languages by using Google’s voice translator!

Then comes search by location. Now this should have been the most logical thing to do with most phones coming with inbuilt GPS chips. But then no one really did it so far (apart from a couple startups probably that never made it big). What happens here? Nothing extraordinary but now within Google Maps, you’d be able to find out the ten places nearby worth checking out. Simple and sweet. One can also do nearby search on the iPhone and Android phones using the browser and turning on ‘my location’ option. Well, we have had this feature on for some weeks now and it really works.

But what really caught our attention is a project called Google Goggles. You simply click a picture of an object and the application identifies it and searches for it on the web. Sound similar to SnapTell, we think, which really works for finding out information about books, CDs and similar media. Of course, Google takes it much further and now you’d be able to find more about landmarks, buildings and much more. And hey, it can even work as a business card scanner. Watch the video of Goggles in work below.

And now the caveat – yup, there’s always one. Goggles and Maps Search will only work on Android devices running OS 1.6 and later.

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