Samsung surfs the touchscreen wave, sells 50 million full-touch phones

30 Nov

Samsung today announced it has sold its 50 millionth fulll touchscreen phone globally. The Korean handset vendor had sold some 10 million full touchscreen phones – devices that do not have a physical keypad – in 2008 and has sold 40 million more so far this year.

Earlier this year, Samsung had sold 10 million units of its Star phone, which retails at under Rs 10,000 in India. It had introduced Corby in September, a social networking all touch phone, which has so far sold 3 million units world wide. Mind you, this figure of 50 million does not include phones, like the i780, that have a touchscreen along with a physical keypad.

While Samsung claims it is on track to beat its earlier projection of selling 200 million phones this year, we believe that it won’t reflect significantly in their profits. No doubt Sammy has hit Nokia badly in the mid-segment touchscreen market, where Nokia doesn’t have much of a presence yet, these phones operate on much lower margins. The real test for Samsung would be to make its mark in the smartphone segment, where there are higher margins, which reflect in the quaterly results of brands like Apple and HTC.

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