Netdroid impresses us with motion sensing browsing, tabs

27 Nov

In the world of third party mobile browsers, it seems to be generally
be an “Opera against everyone else” scenario, notwithstanding the
worthy efforts of the folks at Bolt and Skyfire. So we always welcome
new efforts in the mobile browsing arena. And one of the new ones we
have stumbled against is NetDroid, a browser for Android devices. We
ain’t saying that it will redefine mobile browsing or send ripples from
Espoo to Cupertino to Redmond, but heck, it will surely raise a few
eyebrows there.

The main feature of the browser is the fact that it supports
motion-sensing scrolling. Basically, you can scroll through a Web page
by just tilting your phone. Honestly, that is a lot more convenient –
and a heck of a lot cooler – than running one’s finger up and down the
screen. There are catches, though. Whenever you change the position of
your device, you will end up being asked whether you wish this to be
the preferred reading position of the device. Take a tip from us –
click “yes” and get on with it. It’s simpler than clicking “no.” Mind
you, the constant notification can get irritating and the only way of
turning it off is by turning the motion sensing feature off altogether!
Another plus for NetDroid is the little matter of tabs – Netdroid can
support up to five of them, with the option to open a link in a new tab
if you press it long enough. Top that off with a decent turn of speed
and most basic browser functions, and you can see why we are impressed. As
we said, it won’t change the world, but it is a very handy back-up to
have to the slightly sluggish default browser in Android. 

And of course, in best browser tradition, it is free. Worth a download, we think.

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