Opera Mobile 10 lets us surf Google Wave!

23 Nov

The folks at Opera have long ceased to surprise us. Be it their release
of Opera Mini which brought desktop-like browsing right into mainstream
phone territory to Opera Link which let us sync bookmarks between the
desktop and mobile avatars of Opera, we have resigned ourselves to
knowledgeable “there-the-Opera-chaps-go-again-changing-the-mobile-web”
shrugs whenever we hear something new from them. And it was one of
these shrugs that we brought out of cold storage when we heard of Opera
Mobile 10 with its improved support for web standards and totally
revamped interface. Still, we must admit that we were stunned when we
found that we could actually use the browser to surf our Google Wave
account. Yes, it was a tad slow (heck, we are in EDGE connectivity
territory here, fellas). Yes, we could not see our mates typing
simultaneously. Yes, we sometimes needed a couple of refreshes to get
everything in.

But counterbalance that with the fact that we could post replies to
waves, generate new ones and edit existing ones and you can see why we
are so excited – we could not even access the site on other browsers (yes, and that
includes the mobile versions of Safari and Google’s own Chrome – the
latter even told us to head to a PC!) . Who knows, the full version might even let us add
pictures and see live pictures!! We are excited. Wish we could have
thrown in a screenshot, but heck, that would have meant exposing all
our contacts, so you will just have ta take our word for it. Oh, and a
word of caution – Google Wave seems to work better on the Symbian S60
version of the browser rather than the Win Mo one. No, we do not know
if that is a conspiracy.

Meanwhile, here is our tip to the folks at Opera if they want to
surprise us again: how about a fully functional Google Docs on Opera
Mobile or (all right we are pushing our luck here) Opera Mini? We
promise to be flabbergasted!

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