Aricent bets big on Android

18 Nov

Aricent has joined the league of the ‘Droids’ by announcing an Android Centre of Excellence yesterday. The name might lead you to think of it as an institution, it’s simply Aricent’s latest initiative to make it easy for other players in the ecosystem to hop on to the Android bandwagon. Aricent aims to tap handset vendors, OEMs, carriers, consumer electronics manufacturers and even chipset vendors to easily develop solutions and products based on Google’s OS.

I met Aricent’s Sajal Gupta (Vice President – Mobile Multimedia and Value Added Services business) last month to discuss the Android opportunity.

We have started by porting our existing products on to Android to learn the platforms strengths and weaknesses. We have already written over a million lines of code for the platform as a part of our internal initiative. Android, at the moment, is not at a level that handset companies can pull it and plug and play it on their hardware. It is not even close to reaching that level and there is a lot that needs to be done to opitimise the platform.

We find that lot of our existing customers are looking at Android and are hunting for the right skillsets to bring their product on time. We felt that we could leverage our experience in porting products and we should invest in this emerging market. Hence, we set up this Excellence Centre and our customers are lapping it up as well.

These days, a customer’s loyalty lies more with the device than with the carrier. It is no secret that all carriers want to carry the iPhone or a device that could bring in a similar experience that could rival the iPhone.  And Aricent hopes to play a crucial role in that puzzle.

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