Opera Mobile Ten comes to Win Mo!

17 Nov

Opera 10
Win Mo users feeling left out by the fact that Opera had released Opera
Mobile 10 only for S60, can now rejoice. Opera Mobile 10 beta has been
officially released for Windows Mobile. We got our hands on the browser
and we must admit that it does add a whole new dimension to browsing on
Win Mo. We installed Opera Mobile 10 on our Acer S200 and while it is
not exactly a flyweight download at 4.4 MB, it installed smoothly and
has run as smoothly as cream coming out of a silver pitcher. Oh and in
best Opera Mobile beta tradition, it is available free of cost from http://www.opera.com/mobile/  from the PC or m.opera.com/mobile/, from the phone.

In looks and feel, the browser is very similar to Opera Mobile 10
for S60. The Opera Mini 5 interface, with its stress on large icons
(for touchscreens, we wager, although Opera stoutly says that the
browser is for touch and non-touch screens alike) is very much in
place, as are features like password manager, speed dial and of course,
support for most Web technologies (we could not see Flash, though). But
what really gets us going is the presence of turbo that speeds up
browsing (although it does butcher image quality) and – hallelujah –
real tabbed browsing that makes this browser the best for simultaneous
browsing of multiple sites.

In fact, Opera finally seems to be settling on a standard look and feel
for its browser across all platforms. Opera Software Jon von Tetzchner
says that this is a conscious effort. “We are unifying our products, so
that users get the same experience, no
matter the device or which particular Opera browser they are using.
With Opera Mobile 10, we are raising the expectations of how a a mobile
browser should perform. Today, users require a browser as powerful as
the Web, one that can handle their daily tasks as well as their
computers. That’s Opera.”

Good show, say we, and are ready to go out on a limb to say that this is the best browser we have seen on a handset by far.  We are sure that some folks at Redmond and Espoo
must be wincing, while notes will be feverishly made at Cupertino.

No Responses to “Opera Mobile Ten comes to Win Mo!”

  1. OperaFan November 17, 2009 at 11:38 pm #

    Awesome! Downloading now!

  2. kaliyaperumal February 16, 2010 at 2:50 am #

    i am a new member

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