Bored yuppie unleashes the first virus for jailbroken iPhones

11 Nov

IT security and data protection company, Sophos, has confirmed the existence of the first iPhone virus which is already circulating in Australia.

Once the worm infects your iPhone, your wallpaper would automatically change and instead it would display picture of 1980’s popstar Rick Astley (pictured here). The virus is only capable of infecting jailbroken iPhones – devices that have been hacked to run third-party applications not approved by Apple. Most of the iPhone users during the jailbreaking process forget to change the default password, ‘alpine’ after installing SSH.

Currently, the worm is not reported as that dangerous as it doesn’t steal information, doesn’t harm the memory or interrupts calls.

Sophos researchers claim that the virus was allegedly created by 21-year-old, Ashley Towns, a student from Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, who wrote on his Twitter account that he had nothing to do in his boredom; consequently he created a virus which is the first one to infect the iPhone.

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