Update: Nokia initiates charger exchange programme for manufacturing defected chargers

9 Nov

Update: The recalled chargers were manufactured by Chinese contract manufacturing company BYD.

It was exploding batteries earlier and today Nokia announced that some batches of its chargers manufactured by third-party manufactures suffer from a manufacturing defect. Three charger models – AC-3E, AC-3U and AC-4U – have been found to have ‘quality issues’ under which the plastic cover of the charger could loosen and expose the internals of the charger posing an electrical shock hazard.

The AC-3E and AC-3U chargers manufactured between June 15-August 9, 2009 and the AC-4U charger manufactured between April 13-October 25 2009. This series of chargers are the ones with the thin pin that are compatible across Nokia’s portfolio starting from the low-end phones to N-Series and E-Series devices. The AC-3E charger is supplies with devices in Europe, AC-3U in India and AC-4U in Korea.

Nokia says that it is not aware of any injuries or incidents related to these chargers. The handset vendor has set up a website – http://chargerexchange.nokia.com/ – for users to check whether they should exchange their chargers or nor.

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