Informate wants to know how you use your phone

4 Nov

India might have over 450 million cellular subscribers but there is no relevant data available on how these subscribers use their cellphone. Until now, that is. Informate Mobile Intelligence, a telecom research agency has launched an application designed to record cellphone usage patterns on various smartphones.


Once installed on a smartphone, the application records all activities happening on the device and reports the same to Informate’s server. Currently, the agency has a sample group of about 2,500 members, spread across the top 15 Indian cities. This application registers usage pattern of the sample group towards various products and services. Informate also has users in the US and China.


According to Kedar Sohoni, president, Informate Mobile Intelligence, “This application can help carriers and handset vendors achieve a competitive edge by understanding how consumers are using their products and services. We believe our sample size is big enough to provide relevant data at the moment. If required, we can increase the group anytime.” The application currently works on devices running on Symbian S60 and UIQ, BlackBerry, WinMo and Android platforms.


“Unfortunately, we cannot run our application on the iPhone as it does not allow applications to run in the background. However, it would be interesting to see it work on jailbroken iPhones,” Sohoni said.


By the way, it is not just the vendors and carriers who benefit from Informate’s research. Members of the sample group can get a customised billing for their prepaid connection and other add-on services like mobile tracker (finding a cellphone in case it is lost) for free.


Some interesting findings from Informate:


  • The active time spent on the phone is steady over last two months is approximately 2hrs 45minutes per day.
  • Almost 30-32% of the total time (approximately 50 minutes is spent on communication).
  • On an average, 25-30 minutes of active time is spent on voice calls.
  • Almost, 15-20 minutes of the active time is spent on messaging.
  • Average time spent on outgoing calls is higher than incoming calls.
  • On an average 40-45 minutes is spent on Entertainment activity.

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