Rumour: iPhone 3GS launching in India next week

3 Nov

While the rest of the world is looking forward to the next version of the iPhone and a probably even an Internet tablet from Cupertino, hre in India, we are still awaiting the 2009 version iPhone 3GS. At the announcement earlier this year, India was slotted for an August launch but later we heard that was not to be because of some disagreements between Apple and Airtel (take this with a rock of salt – highly speculative insider info).

However, now we are hearing that Airtel is preparing for its launch, which is scheduled for November 10. Again this is unconfirmed insider info that we are referring to, but it syncs perfectly with what we have been hearing for the past couple of months.

What’s important to note here, however, is that Airtel will (or so our source tells us) support official unlocking of the iPhone 3GS right from day one. Yes, our dear readers, you won’t have to switch carriers and simply pay an upfront unlocking fee (it is Rs 500 for the iPhone 3G at the moment) for an official unlock.

Now the pricing bit is something that we are trying to dig, but we guesstimate the 16 GB version to cost somewhere around Rs 35,000 and the 32 GB version at around Rs 40,000.

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