Opera Mobile 10 released, S60 finally comes to the browser party!

3 Nov

Opera Mobile 10
Much as we love the folks at Opera (and they have earned our eternal affection, thanks to Opera Mini,
which we still consider the killer Internet app for any cellphone!), we have always been puzzled as to
why they had stopped developing versions of their main mobile browser,
Opera Mobile, for Symbian Series 60. The last couple of years had seen
Opera Mobile focus exclusively on Windows Mobile – even taking the
default browser’s place in many devices – leaving most Symbian S60
users to be content either with an earlier version or try out the
relatively lightweight, if highly effective, Opera Mini.  Well, that
period of magnificent isolation has ended with Opera announcing Opera
Mobile 10 beta for Symbian Series 60 (3rd and 5th edition) devices.

Although Opera Mobile has always been a paid-for browser, its beta
versions have been free and in this regard, Opera Mobile 10 is no
different. The browser is available for free download from
http://www.opera.com/mobile/next/ or heading to m.opera.com/mobile on your mobile phone’s browser.
We tried getting it from Opera Mini 5 and the mobile browser on our N95
8 GB, but failed and ultimately had to download it on to our PC and
then transfer it to our device. This not being a detailed review, all
we can reveal is that it has got a massive makeover and now looks very
much like Opera Mini 5 with large icons (keeping touchscreens in mind,
we think) and with the addition of the Opera Turbo feature, gets a
speed boost. There is tabbed browsing, an onscreen keyboard for
touchscreen devices (finally, we get a full onscreen QWERTY on the
N97), and support for Ajax. There’s no news of Flash support, but heck,
even without that, Opera Mobile 10 finally  brings Symbian Series 60 to
the Internet browser party. And about time too, say we. We were waiting
for a really full-fledged browser for Series 60 ever since that phone
from Cupertino redefined mobile browsing!

But…we cannot help and be a trifle naughty and wonder: what about
Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Mobile, which is still stuck on 9.7 beta?

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