Visiting the Archos app store on a HTC Hero

2 Nov

Their Android tablet, Archos 5, might not have set the tech world on
fire, but Archos clearly have bet big on Android. And while their
Android app store, called AppsLib, is very clearly targeted at tablets, that does not mean there is nothing there for other Android devices. We managed to get into the store on our HTC Hero and well, while it is very early days for
us to be mentioning AppsLib in the same breath as the Android Market, given
the strength of the brand behind it, you never quite know what it will

You can get AppsLib on your Android device by downloading it from We went to the site on the
browser of our HTC Hero and got it without any hassle, ditto for
installing. The first thing that struck was the slightly richer
graphical interface, than the rather vanilla-ish look of most app
stores, even though we would have rather there was less green to go
around. There were not too many apps to go around (barely 13), but we
guess that was because the Hero is kinda small screened for the kind of
apps Archos wants (800 x480 in landscape and 480 x 800 in portrait) but
the categories seemed interesting, with an entire “demo” category,
although we were intrigued at not seeing  a “games” or “books”
category. Browsing the apps under the categories can be a bit of a pain
as the Hero’s screen was too small to accommodate the names of the apps
(AppLibs has a hefty sidebar on the left that gobbles up a fair deal of
real estate), but once you get into the individual app section, you can get details of the apps without any trouble at all.

All of which makes us hope that the coming days will see more apps on AppsLib for smaller screen devices.

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