Google Maps with voice based navigation to be the biggest game changer after iPhone

28 Oct

This is going to be the biggest game changer in the cellphone industry after the iPhone was launched way back in 2007. Google today launched a beta version of Google Maps that provides real-time voice-based turn-by-turn navigation. The feature has been added in Android OS 2.0 and will be first available on the Motorola DROID, which was announced today.

Like all Google services, navigation on Google Maps will be free of cost and users will only have to pay for data usage. This move is going to hurt companies like Nokia, Tom Tom and others, which charge users either a subscription fee or a one-time upfront payment. Even the iPhone won’t be spared this time as it relies on third-party applications that are expensive.

Since this feature will be solely available on Android phones (at least initially) and lot of Android phones are expected to be launched over the coming weeks and months, we believe that Android will pick up substantially and has the potential to outdo Windows Mobile in a span of two years if not sooner. Even Nokia should be worried as it had envisioned Ovi to become an addition stream of revenue for them after they’ve sold their devices.

It’s advantage Google at the moment. Let’s see what Nokia and Microsoft have in store for us in 2010.

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