Nokia sued Apple just for $200 million?

22 Oct

While most of the Western world awoke to the news of Nokia suing Apple for patent infringements, it now seems that Nokia would have ended up making anything between $200-$400 million from Apple.

According to Silicon Alley Insider, Nokia was in talks with Apple for about a year to settle license fees for the iPhone that uses GSM, 3G and WLAN technologies. Nokia claims ownership of 10 patents related to the technology and it already has similar license agreements with approximately 40 other companies.

Nokia reportedly was seeking license fees in the range of $6-$12 per iPhone shipped, which it seems did not go down well with Apple. Since the iPhone’s launch in 2007, Apple has shipped approximately 34 million units, which translates into license fees of roughly between $200-$400 million.

While there is no reason why Nokia shouldn’t be entitled to earn from the use its intellectual property by one of its biggest threat at the moment, we are not sure about the timing its actions. Was it that the talks fell-through very recently that pushed Nokia to the brink? Or is it just the frustration of watching Apple’s gains while its own sales are stagnant?

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