Motorola's Andriod Phone Announcement – Blur & Cliq

10 Sep

Sanjay Jha of Motorola has taken the stage and is talking about some of the key market factors like one billion wireless broadband customers globally by end of 2009. The emphasis of the device is on social networking and over the air updates. We believe the Cliq will outsell the Palm Pre in most US markets in the fourth quarter of this year. Based on what we have seen and heard, the capabilities of the Blur UI seem to be better than the Palm Pre’s.Here are some of the highlights from his keynote:

  • Andriod is key and Motorola has done some custom development. Social networking and integration will be a key part of Motorola’s new handsets.
  • The new device runs Motorola’s Blur user interface. Will be available on T-Mobile as Cliq for the holiday season. The device has a keyboard and a touch screen. Colors offered will be titanium and white. The Cliq has 5 MP camera, 24 FPS video, standard headphone jack, full suite of google mobile offerings.
  • The social network capability of the Blur seem to be better than the Palm Pre
  • Motorola expects to announce another device in the coming weeks – also will be available for the upcoming holiday season
  • The Cliq will also be launched in three international markets this year

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