Motorola hits an ace with MOTOBLUR

10 Sep

Today was the day of Motorola’s ‘Save the company’ (sic) press conference and while Aman was reporting it live, I was following it online and Tweeting about it. Now that announcements have been made, we believe the time that Motorola took to revamp its product portfolio is paying off well.

Motorola and in particular, its Co-CEO Sanjay Jha, have wisely chosen Android as the platform for its next range of smartphones. The Cliq (pictured on the left) is the first smartphone of the lot and we like the fact that Motorola is targetting the young, socially connected population which wants smartphone like features in a fun device. But how do you make a smartphone fun? Simple, create your very own UI.

Motorola has done just that with what it calls the MOTOBLUR (we’ll call it Blur). Think of Blur as HTC’s Sense UI on mushrooms. It is funky, it is cool and it’s simple. Log in once to all your social networks, e-mail accounts, feeds and the works and forget them. Any new activity and it will pop up on the homescreen without the user having to log in manually or refresh everytime they want to see if there is anything new. Cool!

Like Sense and Palm’s Synergy, it takes hold of all your contacts – work, friends, social networks etc etc – and pull them all together. They make any change on their Facebook profile, it gets updated. What’s more, when they call, their latest profile picture will flash on your screen! Now that’s something ubercool.

Then it’s got some more security features that will allow to wipe your device clean remotely of lost and transfer all your data to your new device (of course, another Moto phone running Blur). Users are happy, carriers are happy as a constantly connected device means more data usage and Motorola is happy. Now what we are waiting for is Moto to make these devices available soon. Don’t keep us waiting for too long, fellas!

You can check out Blur’s simulator here.

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