Exclusive: Motorola MB200, MB300 Android phone specs revealed!

8 Sep

Just two days before Motorola’s Android portfolio announcement, we have stumbled upon the UA profiles of two Moto Android devices – the MB200 and MB300. We had spotted this duo at Wi-Fi Alliance earlier but now we have hard proof directly from Motorola about their existence.

The MB200 seems to be the lower end of the two and has a QWERTY keypad, a Qualcomm MSM 7200A processor (recommended to clock at 528 MHz), a 320×480 pixel touchscreen display, WCDMA connectivity and probably a VGA camera.

The MB300 shares the same specs but for a 5.0 MP camera. We guess that the MB300 would have a larger internal storage and a more premium finish that would pitch it above the MB200. By now, we all know that the third device, Sholes goes by A855. We believe that the MB200 would be the Morisson while the MB300 could be the Calgary. Well, it’s just two days to go, so hang in tight.

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