Nokia Rover gets previewed with revealing photographs

19 Aug

Eldar at Mobile Review has spent some quality time with a prototype of the unannounced Nokia Internet Tablet that we first revealed as the Rover. The device which runs on an updated version of Maemo is expected to be announced on September 1 at the Nokia World event in Stuttgart.

Eldar’s preview underlines the same facts that we had told you way back in May, when we first wrote about the Rover or the N900 as Nokia is expected to call this device. It is certainly better than the N97 (we’d introduced the N900 as the N97 killer). This is what we’d written in our initial report, where we presented the first ever pic of the N900:

Nokia might be putting up a brave face and donating Symbian OS to the Symbian Foundation, but the truth is the Finnish giant is planning to convert its Internet Tablet platform Maemo into something that can be used for its future smartphones.

Eldar, who usually gets handsets months before they are officially announced (not launched, but announced) also agrees to this fact and finds the new version of Maemo much better than Symbian S60’s touchscreen version. Here are some interesting revelations from his preview:

The boot up time is much faster. The hardware quality is comparable to the E75 and feels quite solid. The 480×800 pixel resistive touchscreen is quite responsive. The battery life is comparable with the N97 (we ain’t sure if the N97 is a worthy benchmark). The browser supports Flash and applets (widgets, we assume). The 5.0 MP camera is the same as the one in the N97. Maemo 5 seem to be backward compatible as most apps worked on it, The N900 is expected to be launched towards the end of the year at an approximate price of Euro 550.

So far, the N900 looks like what the N97 should have been in the first place. We have no doubt that if priced and marketed correctly, Nokia can undo the harm done to its touchscreen campaign by the 5800 XM and the N97.

In the meanwhile, head over to Mobile Review for lots of interesting pictures of the N900 as well as screenshots of the user interface.

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