Living with the LG GM730

24 Jul

Thanks to the APAC teams of Microsoft and LG, I have been using LG’s latest Windows Mobile phone for about three weeks now. The GM730 is LG’s first smartphone that has its trademark S-Class 3D UI on it, which masks Windows Mobile’s traditional interface. At the moment, I’m using it on Windows Mobile 6.1 but I have been informed that it will eventually run on Microsoft’s new version of Windows Mobile called version 6.5.

While I’ll be reviewing the device in detail in the upcoming print version of CellPassion, I’d share some key take-aways from my review.

UI: The S-Class 3D UI does a great job of masking Windows Mobile UI and making it look more lively than the boring, business-like Windows theme. The guys have done a great job with e-mail set up that requires just three steps to configure popular ISP e-mail accounts.

Design: From the front, the GM730, in my opinion, is by far one of the best looking phones from LG’s stables. And yeah, I think it looks prettier than the Arena with its curved edges and metallic trimmings. However, the back is a different story all together. It is a cheap, thin piece of plastic that one would not even like to have on a budget multi-media phone, leave aside a pretty high-end smartphone.

Call quality: LG has had a chequered past when it comes to in-call audio quality and many of its devices have been infamous for frequent call drops (the Secret, for instance). In my opinion, the GM730 has one of the best in-call audio quality not only in LG’s portfolio but even among smartphones from other brands. I didn’t encounter any significant call drops either.

Battery performance: This is one area where the GM730 is a bit disappointing. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned off and just about an hour of calling and an hour of web browsing, the battery has not lasted me for more than a day, which means that if I turn on Wi-Fi for browsing, it would give me a battery performance somewhat similar to the iPhone 3G (I have not tested the iPhone 3GS yet). I believe if LG can overleap this hurdle, the GM730 has the potential to be a good mid-end Windows Mobile smartphone.

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