Steve Jobs, inventor of the iPhone packaging box!

21 Jul

The iPhone ain’t just an iconic device, it has also changed cellphone packaging to quite an extent. At a time when cellphone packaging was so complex that putting back the contents of a cellphone was a difficult task (ask us, who have to repack and send dozens of phones every month), Apple invented the simplistic shoe-box packaging.

We have been unearthing patent applications for almost two years now and it is the first time that we have come across a patent for a package.

Having been reviewing phones for nearly five years now, I can vouch that the iPhone is the easiest device to repack into its box along with all its contents. And yeah, it is probably the only cellphone packaging that I have retained of the more than half a dozen phones I personally own.

Hence, it makes sense for Apple to patent the shoe-box pack for the iPhone. And surprise, surprise, among the inventors features the name of our favourite CEO – Steve Jobs!

There ain’t much to read in the patent application apart from a few more pictures of the innards of your iPhone’s box. It reminds me of the unboxing of my first iPhone bought off the grey market (it wasn’t launched in India then).

Hit the link for some more pictures.

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