Swine Flu games come to the iPhone

31 May

After the series of Swine Flu app for the iPhone that show the countries where Swine Flu cases have been reported, we are now witnessing the first games that hope to take advantage of the latest epidemic to catch global attention. About time we say, as developers compete for visibility on the App Store that has a repository of apps running into thousands.

The pigs have taken over the world and the World Health Organisation does not know what to do! Well, download iSwineFlu to see yourself fighting swines with an AK47. The game, promises to answer conspiracy theories whether SwineFlu is a government conspiracy or a foreign espionage or whether some alien race has a hand in it! Well, it doesn’t get any exciting than this. Though we ain’t sure if shooting pigs is the solution…

The second one is developed by one Rich Olson. Swine Flu Wars follows the classic Dope War gameplay where you have to make money by buying and selling items in different cities. While Dope Wars gave an instant high as you could see yourself peddling weed, coke and hash, this one might just give you a running nose.

Both the games cost 99 cents on the App Store. What do you think about games on Swine Flu? Is it fun or is it disgusting to make a parody out of something as serious as this and end up making money in the process?

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