Palm Pre masquerades as an iPod to sync with iTunes?

29 May

At the D7 event by WSJ, Palm showed off how the Pre could effortlessly sync with iTunes. Well, who’d mind that? You know, have the best of webOS and the best of a syncing application that is yet to be touched by any of Apple’s competitors. But the zillion dollar question over here is why would Apple allow Palm to use its software considering that many are already claiming that the Pre is the closest anyone has come to the iPhone till date.

Well, like any potboiler, there is a story behind it. Apparently, Apple has not given Palm access to its itunes software. Instead the great minds at Palm (c’mon we won’t call them cunning, not yet) figured out that if the Pre could pose as an iPod, it could get access to iTunes! Yup, that’s what they have done. According to Gizmodo, the Pre reports itself as an iPod and iTunes opens its doors for the device. Clever, very clever!

But the next zillion dollar question is what is Apple going to do next? Go after Palm by updating iTunes like they do with iPhone unlocking software or will they take it as a compliment and sit easy? We doubt the latter, which means things will be getting really exciting in the next week as Sprint begins to adorn shelves with the Pre come June 6.

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