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LG announces GW520 and GT505 touchscreen phones

31 May

LG has announced two new touchscreen phones for the UK market, both equipped with push notifications for social networking sites. The GW520 is an upgrade of the KS360 and now features a more spacious QWERTY keyboard and a larger screen. LG has also incorporated a new feature that represents a user’s frequently dialled contacts as animated characters on the homescreen.

Features of the LG GW520 include:
– 2.8″ full touchscreen
– Full slide-out QWERTY keypad
– Push email via Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
– HSPDA 7.2
– 3G enabled
– WAP 2.0 browser
– 3-megapixel camera

The GT505, meanwhile is an all-touchscreen phone with GPS navigation. Both the devices will be launched in the UK in June and we have heard that these would be launched in India too, very soon.

Features of the LG GT505 include:
– 3″ full touchscreen
– 30-day free trial of WisePilot
– Push email via Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
– Wi-Fi (TM)
– HSDPA 3.6
– 3G enabled
– Voice instruction
– 5-megapixel camera

Rumour: Sony Ericsson Aino does not have an onscreen keypad

31 May

After oohing-and-aahing over the magnificent Sony Ericsson Aino, yup the one that can get content from your PS3, it is now time to hear the bitter truth. We have learnt that the Aino will have limited capabilities when its alphanumeric keypad is hidden beneath the lovely touchscreen.

Apparently, in its closed position, a user will only be able to access limited functions via the touchscreen. These functions have been limited to multimedia – games, music, videos and camera to be precise.

If true, it is most likely that the developers have not toiled hard enough to give an onscreen keypad to type text messages or e-mails or even make a call! One would have to inevitably slide open the keypad for everything.

Why Sony Ericsson, why? Why did you have to break our hearts?

iPhone 2009 poses besides iPhone 3G

31 May

As June 8 creeps closer, more leaks are pointing towards the expected – a new iPhone will indeed be announced at WWDC – irrespective whether Steve Jobs makes it to the stage or not.

The latest in the series sort of confirms that the new iPhone won’t have the glossy, scratch prone back like the iPhone 3G. Instead it shows a matte finish and it seems that it would have the rubber-like finish that some cellphones sport these days. Also evident from the picture is the lack of the bulging curve on the back introduced in the iPhone 3G.

Also claimed are a set of blurry photographs that show the new iPhone 3.0 OS that Apple will launch simultaneously with the new iPhone. While Apple had showcased the new OS earlier this year, we here that there are a lot of additions that have happend that Apple will proudly demonstrate at the event. You can check out those screenshots here.

Well, it is just over a week before we get all our answers, so sit tight.

via Mac Rumors

Swine Flu games come to the iPhone

31 May

After the series of Swine Flu app for the iPhone that show the countries where Swine Flu cases have been reported, we are now witnessing the first games that hope to take advantage of the latest epidemic to catch global attention. About time we say, as developers compete for visibility on the App Store that has a repository of apps running into thousands.

The pigs have taken over the world and the World Health Organisation does not know what to do! Well, download iSwineFlu to see yourself fighting swines with an AK47. The game, promises to answer conspiracy theories whether SwineFlu is a government conspiracy or a foreign espionage or whether some alien race has a hand in it! Well, it doesn’t get any exciting than this. Though we ain’t sure if shooting pigs is the solution…

The second one is developed by one Rich Olson. Swine Flu Wars follows the classic Dope War gameplay where you have to make money by buying and selling items in different cities. While Dope Wars gave an instant high as you could see yourself peddling weed, coke and hash, this one might just give you a running nose.

Both the games cost 99 cents on the App Store. What do you think about games on Swine Flu? Is it fun or is it disgusting to make a parody out of something as serious as this and end up making money in the process?

Palm Pre masquerades as an iPod to sync with iTunes?

29 May

At the D7 event by WSJ, Palm showed off how the Pre could effortlessly sync with iTunes. Well, who’d mind that? You know, have the best of webOS and the best of a syncing application that is yet to be touched by any of Apple’s competitors. But the zillion dollar question over here is why would Apple allow Palm to use its software considering that many are already claiming that the Pre is the closest anyone has come to the iPhone till date.

Well, like any potboiler, there is a story behind it. Apparently, Apple has not given Palm access to its itunes software. Instead the great minds at Palm (c’mon we won’t call them cunning, not yet) figured out that if the Pre could pose as an iPod, it could get access to iTunes! Yup, that’s what they have done. According to Gizmodo, the Pre reports itself as an iPod and iTunes opens its doors for the device. Clever, very clever!

But the next zillion dollar question is what is Apple going to do next? Go after Palm by updating iTunes like they do with iPhone unlocking software or will they take it as a compliment and sit easy? We doubt the latter, which means things will be getting really exciting in the next week as Sprint begins to adorn shelves with the Pre come June 6.

HTC Hero video sporting Rosie UI hits cyberspace

29 May

Remember the cool Android UI nicknamed Rosie that we reported a couple of weeks ago? Well, it now emerges that it was indeed HTC’s handiwork for its upcoming Hero phone that runs on Android.

The folks at Android Community managed to flick a promotional video of the HTC Hero that also demonstrates the new look UI in some detail. And if that ain’t enough for ya, the Hero will come in seven bright colours if you are bored with the whites, blacks and mochas of their current offerings. Hit continue below to watch the video.

Android Community via Engadget

Sony Ericsson PlayNow Arena brings movies to phones

28 May

Apart from the droolworthy phones, Sony Ericsson has also taken the curtains off from its online media distribution service – PlayNow Arena. Users will now be able to download up to 60 movies in a year and watch every movie any number of times for a period of 90 days since they were downloaded. The movies will be automatically formatted according to the device, which saves users of the hassles of converting them into different file formats (and also ensures that they are not fun to watch on an HD display). The service will come to the UK, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Germany later next month with the launch of the W995.

Bye bye Idou, say hello to Satio!

28 May

Sony Ericsson had introduced the Idou in Barcelona earlier this year but had warned us that it ain’t the final name. Well, today they have revealed the name and specs for the Idou, err, the Satio, we mean.

Yup, Satio is the name for Sony Ericsson’s flagship product. To be honest, we still love the name Idou though but given the tempting specs, what’s in a name, we say! The Satio will be available in the fourth quarter this year.

And now, the final specs:


  • 12.1 megapixel camera
  • Up to 12x digital zoom
  • Auto focus
  • BestPicâ„¢
  • Face detection
  • Geo tagging of photos
  • Image stabilizer
  • Photo feeds
  • Photo fix
  • Send to web
  • Red-eye reduction
  • Smile detection
  • Touch focus
  • Video light
  • Video recording
  • Xenon flash


  • Album art
  • Bluetoothâ„¢ stereo (A2DP)
  • Media player
  • Music tones (MP3/AAC)
  • PlayNowâ„¢
  • TrackIDâ„¢


  • WebKit web browser
  • Bookmarks
  • Web feeds


  • Call list
  • Speakerphone
  • Vibrating alert
  • Video calling


  • Conversations
  • Email
  • Exchange ActiveSyncâ„¢
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Instant messaging
  • On-screen QWERTY keyboard
  • Picture messaging (MMS)
  • Predictive text input
  • Sound recorder
  • Text messaging (SMS)


  • Auto rotate
  • Gesture control
  • Media
  • Picture wallpaper
  • S60 5th edition Symbianâ„¢ OS
  • Touchscreen
  • Wallpaper animation


  • HD and 3D games
  • Facebookâ„¢ application
  • FM radio with RDS
  • Java
  • Video streaming
  • Video viewing
  • YouTubeâ„¢


  • Bluetoothâ„¢ technology
  • Modem
  • PictBridge
  • Synchronisation
  • TV out
  • USB mass storage
  • USB support
  • In-built WiFiâ„¢


  • Alarm clock
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Document readers
  • Document editors
  • Flight mode
  • Notes
  • Tasks

Location-based services

  • A-GPS
  • Google Mapsâ„¢
  • Turn-by-turn navigation


  • Satio
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • 8GB Memory card
  • USB cable
  • Media manager
  • Colour-matched stereo portable handsfree
  • User guide


  • Video Viewing Stand IM920

Facts and Figures

  • Size: 112 x 55 x 13.3 mm

  • Weight: 126 grams

  • Colours: Black, Silver and Bordeaux

  • Main screen: 16,777,216 colour nHD TFT
  • 16:9 widescreen
  • Resolution: 640 x 360 pixels
  • Size: 3.5 inches

  • Phone memory: 128 MB
  • Memory Card Support: SanDisk microSDâ„¢

Sony Ericsson Yari, let the games begin!

28 May

The second phone in the Entertainment Unlimited series Sony Ericsson announced today is the Yari, which when translated into Hindi means friendship (we ain’t sure if that is the inspiration behind the name).

Right now, details are scarce but we know this is a gaming phone with motion-sensing gaming that works via the camera, which records movement. By the way, the camera can also capture still pictures in 5.0 MP resolution.

Other specs include a GPS receiver and HSDPA connectivity. The Yari will be available in the fourth quarter for Euro 339 before taxes and subsidies.


The official press release is out, you can read it here.

Sony Ericsson dwarfs the Palm Pre, launches Aino!

28 May

Sony Ericsson has just dropped a bombshell on us! At its press conference of the year, the Swedish giant has launched two more products in its Entertainment Unlimited series (after the Idou) and the first one of them is the Aino.

The aino is a slider phone with a 3-inch WVGA touchscreen made of scratch resistant mineral glass. It has an 8.1 MP camera with auto-focus and touch focus, Wi-Fi, DLNA, GPS and UMTs make up the connectivity options. The Aino is expected to retail at Euro 549 before taxes and subsidies. We’ll talk more about it as soon as the official press release is out.


Update: The official press release is out. The Aino also supports Remote Play that allows users to access and control media content from their PS3! Read the press release here.