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Nokia 5800 XM gets a firmware upgrade

30 Mar

Nokia today unleashed a firmware upgrade for its ailing 5800 XM. Nokia’s first touchscreen device on the Symbian S60 platform had left users frustrated with a confusing user interface, faulty speaker and overall sluggish performance. The firmware upgrade will take on some of these issues (Nokia had earlier admitted the speaker problem was due to a hardware issue and consumers could get it rectified at any Nokia Care centre) and add some new functionalities as well. The firmware upgrade will improve the following:

– Faster user interface and faster download times
– New camcorder features: second camera support for still image capture in addition to video calls, burst mode that allows people to take multiple pictures one after another without needing to repress the picture taking button
– Mobile Dictionary: built-in dictionary functionality with voice playback of words utilizing text-to-speech technology, support for 38 languages
– Application Update: with Application Update people can check for available updates for applications and update them directly in the device. Applications can also be kept up-to-date by setting the checking to automatic.

Opera Mobile 9.7 screenshots

27 Mar

We have just received official screenshots of Opera Mobile 9.7, the new version of Opera’s mobile web browser that the company will showcase at next week’s CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas. For your eyes only…

BSNL online store offers over 50,000 song downloads at Rs 149/month!

27 Mar

Hungama has today announced the launch of an online music, video and gaming store with BSNL. The store will have over 50,000 songs, 1,000 videos and 500 games. However, the best part is yet to come! BSNL subscribers can download unlimited music for Rs 149 per month (about $3) and unlimited games at Rs 49 ($1). We are not certain about the DRM protection of the downloaded content, yet or whether the subscriber can retain the content after the expiry of the subscription. Nevertheless, considering the price, we don’t see many people complaining about not being able to pass on the content to their near and dear ones…

HTC to release Touch Diamond2 on April 19?

27 Mar

Expansys seems to be on a roll today! The online retailer claims that the Touch Diamond2 will release on April 19 in the UK at a price of £424.99.What’s more, it will be available on both T-Mobile and Vodafone. Considering that HTC launches is products simultaneously across Europe and Asia, we can expect the successor to the Touch Diamond here in India in the fourth week of April as well.

Nokia N97 to be released in the UK on June 23?

27 Mar

While Nokia has disclosed that its flagship N-series monster, the N97, will be launched in June, the folks at Expansys have been able to pin point the exact date when it will be launched in the UK — June 23! So all you Pommies out there start saving and hope that you have £699.99 in your piggy bank by then.

Acer Tempo series prices and launch dates leaked!

27 Mar

Acer had announced its Tempo range of smartphones at MWC but was tight lipped about the expected prices (competitive) and launch dates (soon). Now, we have all the juicy details, courtesy Expansys, our favourite leaky online retailer.

Acer Tempo DX960
Expected release date: March 30
Price: £359.99

Acer Tempo F900
Expected Release date: May 6
Price: £444.99

Acer Tempo M900
Expected Release date: May 25
Price: £484.99

Apple WWDC dates announced, iPhone 3.0 announcement likely

27 Mar

The D-Day has been announced! Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference is scheduled for June 8 -12, this year. And we are excited! Well, for those of you who have just returned to civilisation, WWDC is the event where Apple also announces a new iPhone! That has been the trend for the last two years and we don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be the same this time around. The only other thing to watch out for would be whether El Jobso manages to make it for the keynote session with his trademark black turtleneck, denims, New Balance sneakers and the famous ‘one more thing.’ Mark the dates in your calendar, folks!