Crap Store Shopping 4: Uncorking Some Wisdom

12 Feb

It’s that time of the day when we scour the world of mobile apps for something that does nothing…much, anyway. And lo and behold, we have an app from The Real Thing itself, bubbles and all.

Called Magic Bottle, the app is from the folks at Coca-Cola and not surprisingly, bungs a bottle of Coke (what else?) on to the screen of your iPhone the moment you launch it. Unsuspecting users are warned that this be no mere bottle of dark, sweetened bubbly water but instead contains “the answers to all your questions about life, love and the universe” (there, we even quoted them for all ye disbelievers). To obtain these pearls of Cokish wisdom, all you need to do is shake the phone, pop the cork off the bottle using your finger and see the words that emerge.

Well, we followed the instructions several times and while the sound of popping the cap, the frothing of Coke and a decidedly burpy “aaah!” was pretty authentic, the wisdom of the words that followed fairly escaped our shallow minds. “Nein, the answer is nine,” “That’s just illegal,”Si, oui, ja and yes” were just some of the messages that popped up, followed by exhortations to “put more wrist into that shake.”

If Sting went looking for a message in this bottle, he would sure be disappointed. It is enough to make one hit the bottle – and we are not talking about one containing Coca-Cola either!

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