Update 3: What to expect at MWC '09

4 Feb

Hola! With just about two weeks to go before we pack our bags and camp out in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2009 (MWC 2009), rumourmills are abuzz with what’s likely to happen at the biggest telecom show on the planet. We have got everything from speculation to outright leaks and even spyshots. Yeah, it does kill the excitement of being there at the official press conference but what the heck, who’s complainin’?

Over here, we’ll keep you posted about all product leaks that are headed to be ‘officially’ announced in Barcelona next month. And yeah, remember, these are all rumours so don’t haul us up if something that’s featured here doesn’t get showcased at the event. We’ll keep updating this post till February 15, the eve of MWC 2009.


Update 3: toshiba is expected to launch a 9.9 mm phone with a 4.1 inch WVGA touchscreen that runs on Qualcomm’s 1 GHz SnapDragon platform. For details, click here


Update 3: News just trickling in about a Garmin-Asus strategic alliance. The two companies are working on a portfolio of nuvifone products that will be Garmin-Asus branded. The original nuvifone has been rebranded as G60 and will be displayed at the show. Details can be found over here.


The big daddy of all hardware WiMo and Android has a huge portfolio of WiMo and Android devices to flaunt.The line-up includes an all touchscreen successor of the G1. Check out the 2009 line-up here and the G2 here.


No hidden secrets over here, the Big M from Redmond is expected to announce an update to its Windows Mobile 6.1 platform. The new one, which is likely to be called version 6.5 isn’t expected to bring anything significantly new to the table apart from some touches to the UI.


While everyone is expecting Sammy boy to announce its first Android device at the show, we have been tipped about at least two new WiMo devices with codenames Pivot and Louve. You can read more about them over here.
Update 2: Sammy’s 12 MP super shooter cam phone is revealed, should rear its head at MWC. An upgraded Innov8 and Omnia 16 GB is also on the horizon.
Update 3: Samsung is also expected to announce an application store for its Symbian S60 and WiMo devices. Nine Samsung devices headed for MWC leaked here.


The world’s largest cellphone vendor (and also the most badly hit by a certain smartphone) is not immune to leaks either. In the past week or so, we have seen two devices, both with sliding QWERTY keyboards getting leaked. You can read about the 5730 XpressMusic here and the E75 over here.
Update 1: Rumours about an 8.0 MP camphone to be part of the announcement at MWC.


It is still not clear what LG has hidden up its sleeve but we have stumbled upon the details of a few seemingly interesting devices like the KM900, KT770, GT500, GT810H, GW520 and GW600.
Update 3: LG’s flagship product of the show, Arena KM900, pops up in a phone retail store from Netherland. For details, click here.

Sony Ericsson

The Swedish vendor is infamous for having its announcements leaked days in advance. Till now, we are hearing about the W395, a mid-range Walkman phone and two Cyber-shot devices C901 and C903, both of which will have a 5 MP camera, AF, smile and face detector and the other usual Cyber-shot features.
Update 1: Sony Ericsson is expected to announce seven devices at its MWC press conference. The announcement could include a new device in the XPERIA range and an 8.0 MP Walkman phone.


After acquiring E-Ten last year, Acer will be participating this time around and is likely to introduce a couple of WiMo based devices.


The Chinese vendor has almost confirmed that it’ll bring an Android device to the show.


After rocking CES with the Pre, Palm is expectd to announce a GSM variant of the Pre with a European carrier.


The folks who snubbed Microsoft in the EU and beat it on its own WiMo platform with Opera 9.5 are expected to announce a new browser this time around. We ain’t quite sure what it’s going to be but we do smell a version of the browser for Android and even Symbian S60.


The guys behind Documents To Go Office Suite for mobile devices are expected to announce a version for the iPhone.

Well, that’s about it for the time being but do keep checking this post for more updates as and when they happen.


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