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Nokia patents multi-touch for cellphones, disguises it pretty well

26 Dec

Nokia’s latest patent application with the USPTO (patent application 20080316181) has an abstract that reads — “The touch sensitive service is capable of detecting multiple simultaneous points of touch.” Jeez! That sounds quite familiar to us. Umm, doesn’t ‘multiple simultaneous points of touch’ translate to multi-touch in simple English? Okay, the rest of the application basically talks about how you can perform different actions by swiping a dedicated finger in a pre-determined matter on any part of the screen but yeah, it does translate to multi-touch in English. Whatcha gonna do, Apple?

Nokia patent hints at future Communicator!

26 Dec

Patent Application 20080313857 filed with the USPTO hints at a future Nokia Communicator that will be much more ‘brick-ier’ than the existing ones. And part of the blame would go to its mind bogling four-way folding form factor! Yup, it has got no less than four hinges, which when unfolded reveal two displays that will act like one and a QWERTY keyboard divided into two. If this patent ever comes to life, we hope that Nokia would load it with all the features it got so that people can find some reason to go for it despite it being ugly. Well, Nokia has been able to do that with its Communicators so far and we don’t see any reason why it won’t be able to do well with this ugly duckling. Bring it on, we say!

Apple patent discloses swipe commands for iPhone's keyboard

26 Dec

Apple’s Patent Application 20080316183 with the USPTO demonstrates how the iPhone’s keyboard will get finger swipe commands! According to the patent, users will be able to carry out four actions by swiping their fingers up, down, left or right. Swipe your finger up for Shift, down for Enter, Left for backspace and right for Space. What’s more, using more the one finger would lead to commands like deleting a word or a sentence or activating Caps Lock or even punctuation marks. Sweet! We’d definitely ask Apple to include this functionality in its next firmware upgrade. What say folks?

RIM grabs the most absurd QWERTY keyboard patent

26 Dec

USPTO Patent Application 20080318617 should go down in the history of patents as the most absurd QWERTY keyboard. Okay, this is how it works — In the original position it looks like a normal alphanumeric keypad and then there are two hinges on the left and right edges that open to reveal four columns of keys (two on each side) that would convert it into a QWERTY keypad! Has anyone stopped to even ponder how uncomfortable it’d be to us the column of keys that are hanging off either edge of the phone? And we’re not yet objecting to the fact that it is a half-QWERTY keyboard with two alphabets for every key!

Moto EM326g slips past Bluetooth SIG

23 Dec

Surprise,surprise! It seems that Moto is prepping an army of EM-series phones while its engineers can work on its upcoming Android devices. As usual, we don’t have much info about this mysterious EM326g apart from the fact that it’ll be available across all continents minus Antartica. We don’t mind that cuz we’re still learning tospeak Penguin!

ModeLabs' stash of Bluetooth headsets revealed!

23 Dec

Woah! Now what is ModeLabs up to? After serving us the Dior, Tag Heuer, Levis, MTV and Hummer phones, the French design house seems to be working on a number of Bluetooh headsets. The list — UFO, Sense, SurfaceSound and Mini & Sugar — appears as if headsets are going to have a blingy New Year!

Lenovo preps stunning Android phone

17 Dec

What you see above is a rumoured Lenovo phone that will run Android. The OPhone is an all-touchscreen device with a 5.0 MP camera onboard. The OPhone seems to be targetted at the Chinese market and has an onscreen keyboard for Chinese input.