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Moto Halo QA4 revealed, another social networking optimised phone

19 Nov

The Bluetooth SIG has revealed yet another Motorola handheld that responds to the name Halo. It is a CDMA Rev A capable device for North America and is likely to have a touchscreen with haptic feedback, accelerometer and a 2 MP camera. By all probability, it will have a widget-driven user interface.

HowardForums has some more details on the Halo.

Intuitive User Interface: No hidden menus, speed scrolling, tactile feedback on the touch screen, and a soft QWERTY
Immersive Experience: Customized Content at your fingertips with intelligent, built-in accelerometer which displays your content how you want see it
All Access: Always stay connected at blazing DOrA speeds with access to e-mail, IM, Blogging, Email, and your social network. Full
HTML supports makes internet access a breeze.
Music: Powerful Music Experience with up to 8GB microSD support and USB2.0 HS
Ultra Sleek Design: Optimized Slim and Powerful Touch Slider
Customizable Widgets
Instantly access live weather, stock market, news, pictures and social networking sites
You decide what widgets sit on your homescreen main menu
One Touch Access to all Applications and Settings
Social Networking: Alerts you to updates
Capture and upload photos and videos in seconds
Text, IM or Email your friends easily with the soft QWERTY keypad

Device Specifications
Main Display: 2.8” 240×400 65K TFT
Camera: 2.0MP
Bluetooth: Stereo, BT 2.0
Music: 8GB microSD, USB 2.0 High Speed
Modes: CDMA1x-EVDO Rev A
Bands: 800, 1900MHz and 1700/2100MHz

Qualcomm announces SDK for Brew Mobile Platform

19 Nov

It is the season of Software Development Kits(SDKs)! After Apple, Google and RIM, Qualcomm has released an SDK for its Brew Mobile Platform. The SDK will enable developers to create widgets and customise user interfaces for devices running on Brew. The SDK also provides tools for developers to work with Adobe Flash technology and create applications using them.

Google launches voice-based web search for iPhone, not yet available in India

18 Nov

Google has launched a voice-based app for the iPhone, which apart from doing web search also lets you search your contacts. For long, the iPhone was being ridiculed for not having voice command features, which is a hygienic feature in most smartphones. However, like most other Google apps for the iPhone, even this is not available in India yet. Anyway, here’s the video that demonstrates the cool app.

F-Secure Mobile Security software adds remote wipe feature

18 Nov

F-Secure has today announced its Mobile Security 5 solution for devices running on Symbian S60 3rd edition platform. The security suite not only protects smartphones from viruses and spywares but also provides remote-wipe and remote-lock features that can be used to wipe off all sensitive data from the phone and lock the device in case it is lost. In case the SIM card is changed, the device will send a text message to a pre-determined number like other anti-theft/mobile tracker solutions. The suite will be available in December.

Vodafone faces GPRS outage in Delhi

8 Nov

Vodafone is currently facing a GPRS outage in its Delhi circle. Vodafone users in Delhi and NCR have been unable to browse Internet or access e-mails on their phones since morning due to a ‘technical problem’ that has cropped up on the carrier’s network. The carrier’s customer care executives have acknowledged the outage and are hoping to restore the service by Sunday. So far, we have been unable to get an official statement on the issue.

Is Moto Onyx the Android social phone?

8 Nov

The Bluetooth SIG has now revealed a new Moto phone that calls itself Onyx! Typical of Bluetooth SIG, there aren’t many details about the product apart from the fact that it will be a Motorola phone with global appeal. But we have a hunch that this might be the ‘social’ phone running on Android that was in the news recently.

We believe that this phone might be based on the Onyx concept phone shown off by Synaptics a couple of years ago. Slashgear had posted some revealing videos of the concept phone, which seemed futuristic two years ago but now looks like an iPhone running on the Android OS. Well, with Motorola you never know, it might surprise you when you least expect it. Pop some corns and enjoy the videos!

Nokia hits emerging markets with its new services and 7 devices!

6 Nov

Nokia has revealed its plans for tapping the rural segment of emerging markets like India and African countries. This time the company is not just looking at ultra-low cost handsets but also some services that have been developed keeping in mind the information needs of the rural population.

Mail on Ovi: This service is enabled in some upcoming devices running on the Symbian S40 platform and makes Internet surfing very enjoyable. ‘Mail on Ovi’ lets you create a new e-mail account directly from the home screen of your cellphone. 

Nokia Life Tools: Along with Mail on Ovi, the Finnish giant is also launching Nokia Life Tools. This SMS-based service will enable users to get relevant information like prices and availability of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides along with a weather forecast. The content has been sourced from Reuters Market Light while Idea will be the carrier for the pilot run of this service. The pilot will be enabled on the Nokia 2600 classic and the Nokia 1680, and will be available in Marathi, Hindi and English languages. 

Nokia 7100 Supernova: The Nokia 7100 Supernova is expected for a launch at the end of Q4 of 2008. This phone is another addition to the Supernova collection with features like FM radio, 1.3 MP while supporting Mail on ovi. It is estimated to retail at Euro 75 before (approximately Rs 4,600) subsidies and taxes.

Nokia 5130: The Nokia 5130 looks pretty familiar to its other siblings of the XpressMusic range. With a music player, FM radio, 2 MP camera and a standard 3.5 mm connector for headphones. It is estimated to retail at Euro 90 (approximately Rs 5,500) before subsidies and taxes and is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2009.

Nokia 2320 classic, Nokia 2323 classic and Nokia 2330: All the three devices promise Good looks without acting pricey. The three also facilitate internet usage through Mail on Ovi and Nokia Life Tools. The three are ready for a launch in second quarter of 2009 and priced at EUR 50 (approximately Rs 3,000) before taxes and susidies.

Nokia 1202: Nokia claims the new 1202 to be it’s lowest cost device with standard features like flashlight, extended battery life, loud ringtones and a phone book for up to five users. Priced at EUR 25 (approximately Rs 1,500) before subsidies and taxes, the handheld is expected to launch in Q4 of 2008.

Nokia 1661: This handheld is priced at 30 EUR (approximately Rs 1,800) before subsidies and taxes. The 1661 claims to be the Nokia’s lowest cost colour phone with FM and a large colour screen and is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2009.