Nokia to introduce Smart Solutions by the end of 2009!

27 Nov

Nokia proclaimed that it is developing a smart home platform; The Nokia Home Control Center, which will be the basis of security for next generation. The platform will enable users to integrate and manage their own smart home solutions, controlling the platform directly from their PC. Consumers can monitor their electricity consumption, switch devices on and off, monitor different things such as temperature, camera, motion. The system will also look after your home security, heating, and ventilation.

With a partnership with RWE, one of the Europe’s biggest energy companies, the Finnish giant will focus on home heating management process in the beginning and later the two will manage to bring Smart Meters beyond 2009. Smart Meters will provide statistics of the energy consumption, giving consumers a chance to control energy bills accordingly.

Adding a few more companies in its collaboration list such as Danfoss, Delta Dore, Ensto, Meishar Immediate Community (MIC) and Zensys, Nokia will bring forward other Smart Solutions such as Security, energy efficiency, wellness, construction, real estate, and smart home solutions for the generation of new decade to arrive.

Home Control Center Solution is scheduled to be demonstrated at the Nokia World Event, Barcelona on December 2-3, 2008 and will be commercially launched by the end of 2009.

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